One of the biggest challenges we face as companions is finding creative ways to engage with individuals who have dementia. Many of our clients are living with cognitive impairment. Some have difficulty finding the right word to use, others may be resistant to accepting help or experience anxiety around being in an unfamiliar environment. Creative engagement is important in helping individuals with dementia feel a sense of security and acceptance. People with dementia are often self-conscious about their memory issues and are told “no” frequently. We’ve discovered the best way to engage with individuals is to “just go with it”.


By Kelly Hoag
Monday, April 8th

At Seniors Helping Seniors, we work with many individuals who are newly retired and looking for purposeful engagement. There are many ways to stay active after retirement and engaging in… More

By Kelly Hoag
Thursday, March 7th

Below are reasons 9 through 12 why 2018 was a great year!

9. Our clients and their families

We don’t have the words to express the… More

By Josh Obeiter
Monday, December 31st

Below are reasons 4 through 8 why 2018 was a great year!


4. Our Spacious New Office Location

In May, we moved our… More

By Rachel Polcaro
Thursday, December 27th

Below are reasons 2 and 3 why 2018 was a great year!

2. Our Leadership in the Walk To End Alzheimer’s

Josh, the owner and executive… More

By Josh Obeiter
Friday, December 21st