bald man

Hair, Where?

bald man

By Jerold J. Golner

I look in the mirror,

In search of my hair;

But to my dismay,

It’s no longer there.


I then wonder where,

The hair, it did go;

The pate mostly bare,

Does shine, even glow.


“Why do I miss it?”,

Your question so bold;

Cause when winter comes,

My head will get cold.


It’s true I can wear,

A cap or a hat;

But what little hair ‘s left,

Will look like a mat.


So pity the man,

Whose head ’s near bald;

For the time may come,

When your hair is recalled.


Jerold GolnerJerold (Jerry) Golner is a former President and CEO of Borden Global Packaging. He retired 23 years ago to care for his wife. For the first 16 years of retirement, he spent time traveling the world with his wife and, after her passing, with his companion. Jerry has spent his time enjoying and supporting family, being at the computer communicating with friends and sharing (what he hopes are) fun, interesting, and insightful articles and the like he comes across online. In his retirement, Jerry has found enjoyment in writing stories and poetry about his life, his wife, and his observations. Mr. Golner also happens to be the dad of SHS Manager of Client Services, Jan Klein!