Meet Jan - Manager of Client Services


Jan Klein has been an invaluable member of our Seniors Helping Seniors team since November 2018, joining us as our Manager of Client Services. In her role, Jan takes the lead in on-boarding new SHS clients and their families, helping them navigate our services and making sure all clients are matched with the best caregivers for their needs and personalities. As the first point of contact for everyone new to SHS services, Jan walks them through all that we offer, helping them achieve the best support possible. 

Once service begins for our new clients, Jan and our Client Care team, whom she oversees (the incredible Rachel, Marie and Sue Ann!), work to ensure seamless, high quality care for our clients. She starts by finding the best fit match, tweaks the care plan along the way and then continues to regularly check in on both the clients and their caregivers to make sure needs are being met and care adjustments are being made. 

Prior to her role with SHS, Jan's career focus had been working to support and enhance the lives of adults with disabilities. For 25 years, she served as the Director, Programs for Adults with Disabilities for Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters (JBBBS). Similar to her role with us, she was the first point of contact for clients, families and staff interested in services, and was instrumental in extending the program from serving adults aged 18-35 to including all ages, recognizing the lifelong need for companionship, which later inspired her career shift to SHS.

What attracted Jan to SHS was our service model that recognizes the importance of socialization and companionship throughout the lifespan. She is passionate and committed to enriching the lives of seniors, especially with the growing need for caregivers and companionship for our aging populations, and works on a daily basis to positively impact the lives of our clients and their families alike. Jan truly embodies all that we stand for, and we’re so lucky to have her a part of Seniors Helping Seniors, Greater Boston & Metrowest. 

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