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Summer Tips

companion and client

The summer is often a time to get outdoors and travel, gather with friends and family, and celebrate the great weather. While quarantine restrictions are lifting throughout the state, the days look different than they did before. But there are still many ways to enjoy the warm, summer weather while remaining safe and socially distanced. See below for some of our outdoor activity recommendations, and don’t forget to wear your masks!

  • Enjoy a coastal or scenic drive

  • Order takeout from a restaurant and eat it while picnicking outside

  • Visit a beach or lake to dip your toes in the water and collect shells (when it isn’t crowded!)

  • Take a nice walk outdoors - exploring neighborhood trails, gardens, reservoirs, etc.

  • Visit in a park or backyard - reading, singing songs, and enjoying each others' company

  • Find a shady area to workout - stretching, dancing and moving the body while enjoying the fresh air

  • Garden and watch your yard or planter fill with colorful blooms

  • Connect with friends and family from afar, while outdoors - take a call or even a virtual call while outside

  • Enjoy a movie at a drive-in movie theater

  • Play a game of tennis or another activity where you can maintain distancing

Many of the above are regular activities our caregivers share with their clients as well. The summer is always a busy time for us and we are actively hiring for caregivers and companions to join our team! To learn more about our services or employment, please contact us here.

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