Tips for Handling the Quarantine


We are truly in uncharted territory right now with COVID-19 and the best way for all of us to stay healthy and slow the spread, is to self quarantine and practice social distancing. This is a daunting ask, and one directly impacting the work we are so passionate about here at Seniors Helping Seniors.  But, with resiliency and creativity, we will all get through this together.

Below are some of our top tips to remain engaged while in quarantine, both for yourself and for family members and caregivers to do with their loved ones and clients. 

Hobbies — now is a great time to tap into hobbies you’ve enjoyed but haven’t found the time for recently, and a great opportunity to try out something new!


  • Read everything: Revisit books you have at home, listen to books on tape, download new books from digital libraries or audiobooks, read the newspaper or even a magazine

  • Art: Maybe this is a time to start painting, drawing or creating something new? Perhaps you teach yourself how to create your own jewelry or home decorations… the possibilities are endless

  • Brain stimulation: puzzles, games, both online or with those in your household, trivia, etc. are all great ways to stay sharp and challenge your mind. You could even use this time to try learning a new language online!

  • Cooking: Now is a great time to research new recipes and dig up old ones and get busy in the kitchen! Grocery stores have remained open, many with special hours for seniors during the quarantine, and for those at risk or unable to shop, we are offering grocery runs as a service currently!


Virtual Experiences — while museums are closed and many travel plans rearranged, you can still enjoy these cultural experiences from your home.

  • Museum visits: Most major museums around the world are now offering online, virtual visits and tours! Find many here from Google and AFAR, or by doing a simple internet search. Many cities are also offering free virtual tours!

  • Watch a concert or a play: Just like museums are doing, musical artists and theaters around the world are offering livestreams and on demand performances. Simply Google theaters or performers you follow, or “Broadway” and you’ll be amazed by how many options you find! (see here for a few to get started with)

  • Movies: Lots of in-theater movies are now available in your homes; why not have movie nights and tune into something new or revisit old favorites?! This could also be a great time to binge on a TV series you’ve been interested in for a while. And when you feel like you’ve exhausted your TV or movie options, podcasts are a great alternative


Social Engagement — social distancing doesn’t mean social avoidance. Staying engaged with friends and loved ones is important for everyone, especially seniors and those no longer busy with work during their day-to-day.

  • Video chat: FaceTime, Skype and many other platforms are available for face-to-face visits; and when in doubt, lengthy or frequent phone call check-ins can go a long way!

  • Take a live class: Fitness studios, dance classes, even educational institutes are all offering free live and on demand classes online. Digital classes are a great way to feel a sense of community while exercising and/or learning something new 


Self Care — a quarantine doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors 24/7. It’s important to get fresh air, move our bodies and practice self care techniques.

  • Get moving: Go for a nice walk, participate in an online workout class or throw on some music and simply dance around the house

  • Be in nature: Get outdoors for some fresh air and vitamin D. Be mindful of areas that have crowds, but getting outside will be a great way to feel less “stuck” and ease your mind and any stress of the day. Perhaps this a great time to start bird watching or gardening in your yard

  • Relaxation: Meditate, practice breathwork, nap and catch up on sleep. It’s important to relax your mind and body. Looking for help or to try something new when it comes to relaxation or self care… there are plenty of apps or podcasts to give a try!


Many loved ones may need extra check-ins or help from you to navigate a shift to virtual entertainment, and it’s important to engage with those in your life, now more than ever! Check in on family members, friends and those around… we’re all in this together and know that we are here to help you, no matter what you may need. We are currently offering task-specific services to help you during this challenging time, including check in-services, as well as laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping/delivery. Call us at (617) 877-3163 if there is anything you need.