Senior Social Engagement

Don't let your loved one be alone. At Seniors Helping Seniors, we're all about ENGAGING your loved one socially so they feel loved. 

Aging can sometimes stall the opportunity to be active and around people having fun. Usually, this happens at the same time our health declines. The less we are mobile, the less we can get out of the house and enjoy ourselves with friends. This can often lead to us being left behind, and it's a scary feeling. Isolation is a big deal in seniors, and it's isolation that can have more of a detrimental effect on mental health than the physical health issues that they may be experiencing.

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Illness and problems with mobility can prevent people from living an active, full life, which then leads to connections to other people is more difficult to maintain and uphold.

Senior social engagement can come in many forms, but when life has prevented someone from being able to interact in the way that they are used to, they often turn into themselves and away from others. Connections with other people are crucial to their emotional well-being, and it's important to recognize when the person that you love is beginning to withdraw.

What Are The Benefits Of Senior Social Engagement?

An active social life is good for the soul no matter your age, but for seniors who aren't able to get out of the house as much, it's even more important to avoid isolation and loneliness. The benefits of senior social engagement are many, but here are a few of the most important ones to pay attention to:

Sound Mental Health

The feeling of isolation can lead someone to feel worthless and unwanted, and it's this negativity that can prevent someone from feeling healthy and managing their conditions. What ends up happening is a, "What's the point?" mentality, and it's something that you want to avoid in your loved one. Social engagement can help them to feel loved, wanted and valued in the community. Their need for interaction is confirmed by the activities that are done in society and those with whom they interact make them feel needed.

Feeling Valued

When others want your company, you feel valued and essential, and seniors are no different. Being a part of something can give them a purpose, and being around others with similar personalities and interests in activities can make them feel like they belong. Doing something meaningful can give seniors a reason to wake up smiling.

Better Health

As a follow-on to better mental health, seniors who are in the environment and engaging socially are going to feel a boost in their immune system. Happy seniors are less susceptible to illnesses and feel physically well. Mental and physical health walk hand in hand, and when they are happy and enjoying life, they're more likely to eat properly and enjoy themselves rather than not be bothered to cook.

One of the most significant and most damaging factors of age is isolation, and older people can really struggle to find balanced friendships that include activities that make them feel wants. With the right recreational activities, the boredom and isolation can be avoided, and quality of life can be much better after retirement.

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