Senior In-Home Companionship


Companionship is a basic human need!

At Seniors Helping Seniors, our companions work with your loved one in the comfort of their home, providing them with much-needed interaction and conversation they may not be getting enough of. A companion is a familiar friend who can be a witness to your life. Our companions are older adults themselves who understand life’s ups and downs and are interested in learning about things that make your loved ones unique. Humans are social beings that need people who they can lean on for friendship and emotional support; to lean on, laugh with, and trust. 

A companion can help make important tasks feel social.

Companion care in the home can extend to services that make your loved one's life much more comfortable. This can include assistance with daily living activities, cooking meals and light housekeeping. It's a service that spans both the physical and social care of your family member, and it's one of the most vital services in senior care; a piece that’s often missing.

Companions provide emotional support and friendship, and in doing so improve their quality of life. Sometimes, companion care can mean a stroll to the grocery store to assist with shopping, completing some of the lighter chores that the home needs and doing what's necessary to aid a senior in their independence. The whole idea is to help your loved one to enjoy life to the fullest.

Why is companionship so important as we age?

Aging can often comes with cognitive and physical challenges, and senior companions are the perfect bridge between the care that you can provide and the care that your loved one needs. Did you know that companionship can prevent depression in some senior citizens? Sometimes, the simple act of conversation can make a big difference to a person and their quality of life, and that's precisely why senior in-home care companions are an integral part of senior care.

Senior in-home care companions are people who have big hearts and are looking to make a difference to seniors in need. Having a friend to confide in can make a difference in the life of a senior who often feels alone and may have decreased social skills. Quality companions are those that people look forward to seeing and having a trusted friend visit regularly can be the highlight of their day.

How can we help?

Seniors Helping Seniors has an in-depth matching process where we collect as much biographical information about both our companions and our clients. During the assessment, we will also assess personality, living environment, interests, and communication style of each individual. We use this information to find commonalities and make the best match possible. We spend a good deal of time with each individual companion as well, trying to learn what their interests are and getting a sense of their personality and communication style too. Contact us to learn more about how our companion services may bring added value to your loved ones everyday life.


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