Light Housekeeping for Elderly

When your Boston area loved one is at home alone, they sometimes need a little help with some light housekeeping, so that they can feel just as content as you do.

How does a clean and tidy home make you feel? When you realize how happy and content you feel in a presentable house that you've cleaned yourself, try to picture how someone who is unable to do the necessary cleaning in their own home feels. When your senior loved one is at home alone, they sometimes need a little help with some light housekeeping, so that they can feel just as content as you do.

light housekeeping for seniors boston MA

Aging can come with debilitating health concerns, less mobility and a lack of people around to help when general daily activities can get too much. When you have a loved one living in a clean and presentable home, they feel better and more confident about their life. Germs can turn the smallest cold into something more serious, so a clean house isn't just about contentment and pride; it's a matter of health.

The problem is that it's not always easy to whip around with the duster when you're alone and vulnerable. Instead, you need a companionship service that will help your senior loved one with their light housekeeping, keeping their home under control and avoiding clutter that can be a fire hazard. The right housekeeping service can keep someone from living in a cluttered and dirty environment, and that's what our service can do.

Cleaning Isn't Always Easy

Seniors can find cleaning to be an exhaustive task, particularly when their mobility is already limited. Even the lightest housekeeping duties can become too much. While family members can chip in and do their best, it's not unreasonable that they can't be there all the time; which is when a light housekeeping service comes in handy. Some of the duties that can be included are:

  • Deep cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens to remove all bacteria and germs.

  • Straightening rooms and organizing all closets and storage.

  • General vacuuming and dusting of the house.

  • Mopping floors.

  • Washing dishes or loading the dishwasher and emptying it afterwards.

  • Handling trash and recycling in the home

  • Washing, drying and putting away the laundry.

  • Bed changing.

  • Feeding pets, going for a walk with pets, clearing messes.

  • Helping with mail.

  • Watering plants.

Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list, and generally, the best caregivers are those that can provide exactly what's needed for your relative. Light housekeeping may not seem like a lot of work, but the impact that it can have on a senior in the home is incredible, and it makes all the difference to their quality of life.

Getting Help Is The Best Solution

You may not always have the time to provide the care that your loved one needs to function and be proud of their home, which is why calling us today is the best plan you've got. Our caregivers can keep to a regular schedule so that your loved one becomes familiar with us. We can help with light housekeeping and meal planning and a wide variety of other activities to help your loved one to feel comfortable and secure in their home.

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