special programs

Special Programs

special programs

At Seniors Helping Seniors we understand that people have complex needs and we want to help meet clients and caregivers where they're at. We have designed special programs to benefit our clients, caregivers, and community partners in order to provide the best possible care. Here are a few special programs that we offer year round - if you'd like to learn more or gain access to our program schedule, please contact us.

Habilitation Training

Habilitation Training (HT) is a comprehensive behavioral approach to caring for people with dementia. It focuses not on what the person has lost due to the illness, but on his or her remaining abilities. HT creates and maintains positive emotional states through the course of each day. The dementia patient’s capabilities, independence and morale are consistently engaged to produce a state of psychological well-being. In this way, difficult symptoms can be reduced or eliminated, even as the illness progresses.

Habilitation Therapy also benefits the patient’s family, friends and professional caregivers. The ability to enjoy time together and to share a relationship, activities, and feelings with a person with dementia can be uplifting for everyone involved. HT can reduce much of the stress and workload involved in living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other related dementias.

Resident Retention Program

The Resident Retention Program was developed in order to support senior living environments and the people that they serve. While senior living environments are designed to enhance ones’ quality of life, we know that seniors often struggle with this transition. The decision to transition into a senior living environment can be overwhelming, not just for the person moving, but for their families as well.  We know that the first few months are critical to new residents successfully adapting to their new community. With this in mind, we developed the Resident Retention Program.

The Resident Retention Program is designed to:

  • Help residents become acclimated and oriented to their new setting by getting them engaged in the residential community.
  • Motivate them to participate in facility-wide activities and religious services
  • Show them around the facility and grounds and familiarize them with their surroundings
  • Facilitate engagement and friendship with residents during meal and activity time
  • Provide them with transportation for errands and outings (if appropriate)
  • Assist residents who are declining cognitively, and have become more reclusive and less engaged in the community

We act as an ambassador and extension of the staff and residents in the senior living community. SHS companions can be there as little or as much as needed. Our approach is person-centered and we tailor each resident’s program schedule through collaborating with the residential community staff and family.

Alzheimer's Family Support Groups

We support many individuals who are living with Alzheimer's Disease and understand the effect that this can have on families. Using guidelines and resources developed by the Alzheimer's Association, we have created a support group to help people connect with others who may be having similar struggles. Self care is very important for family caregivers and we want to help provide an outlet through shared experiences and much needed respite. Our support groups are run by health care professionals who have vast experience supporting individuals and families directly affected by dementia. For more information click here.

Mini Memoir Writing

We are excited to offer our clients the opportunity to work with a Master’s Trained Coach and Senior Care Specialist to develop and craft a Mini-Memoir document.  This exercise and activity is tailored towards individuals who are coping/struggling with short term memory deficits, as it allows them to assist our staff to develop a mini memoir on who he or she “was” and how they see themselves in the present.

Memoir writing has proven to be both stimulating and therapeutic for both individuals and their families.  For the individual with cognitive impairment, individuals often have vivid and lucid long term memories and “remembering abilities” that often surprise and delight them, and also can improve participants self esteem and confidence.  For families, this provides an opportunity for them to have a written and detailed account of their loved one’s life, which provides a meaningful legacy for them.

Through our skilled Mini Memoir coach, in planful, thoughtful, consecutive, yet brief visits, we are able to create a “life enhancing” experience as clients focus on and re-experience some of the highlights and joys of their lives.