Cheers to the new year and new decade everyone, and with each January comes resolution season. We always find January to be a great time to hit the reset button and put into place a few achievable goals to make the new year happy and healthy for yourself and those around you. Self-care should be a top priority for everyone, each and everyday, and it’s something that’s important to practice, no matter your age -- and older adults are no exception! Read on for some of our tips we recommend for seniors and their caregivers alike…


Healthy Diet and Exercise


By Rachel Polcaro
Friday, January 17th

Rachel Polcaro has been a member of our Seniors Helping Seniors team since June 2018, joining us as a Client Care Coordinator following her graduation from the University of… More

By Rachel Polcaro
Wednesday, January 8th

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By Rachel Polcaro
Monday, December 16th

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By Rachel Polcaro
Tuesday, November 26th

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By Rachel Polcaro
Friday, November 15th