How We're Addressing COVID-19

How We're Addressing COVID-19

How We're Addressing COVID-19

At Seniors Helping Seniors, Greater Boston & Metrowest, the safety, health and well being of our caregivers and clients is our #1 priority. Given the international attention on COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and the rise of cases in the communities we serve, we wanted to share our protocols to ensure that all in the SHS community are aware of best practices to prevent transmission.

We are currently open and operating, but we’re making changes to continue to address all that is unfolding around us. For starters, all caregivers are adhering to strict cleanliness protocols, no longer using public transportation and simply going from point A to B, while maintaining social distancing. Even with all of that, however, there are still so many ways that we can continue to serve and help our clients and community, and making an impact as we can is our commitment. 

The following prevention protocols and recommendations have been shared with our caregivers, clients and families. 

  • If a caregiver, client, or anyone in their home is sick, please call our office and we will find shift coverage for caregivers, or reschedule client visits to a later date if they are sick

  • Everyone is required to wash your hands often with hot, soapy water for at least 20 seconds. If hand washing is unavailable, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. All surfaces touched must also be wiped down/sanitized

  • All caregivers must use alcohol-based sanitizer on their hands and wipes on their phones before entering a client home, and after entering shoes must be removed and hands washed

  • Avoid touching frequently-used public objects with your hands like elevator buttons and doorknobs. 

  • No handshaking or hugging — social distancing must be maintained, but this is a great opportunity to sing, share stories and enjoy nature. Many cities and museums are offering online tours, which is a great way for caregivers and clients to bond and reminisce

  • Get a flu shot, not because it will prevent the spread of Coronavirus, but so that you stay healthy and out of the hospital

  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash and immediately wash up. Also avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose

Please let us know if anything changes within your needs or if we can be of assistance to you in a non-traditional way. We are currently putting into place smaller, task-specific services that we can provide, including check in-services, both via phone and in person, as well as laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping/delivery. Our team is here to help you, so please call us at (617) 877-3163 with any questions or requests, for the above services, caregiving, or anything else you may need.

We also understand that many communities which we work in have restrictions in place, and that Coronavirus has and will impact our community and the work we do. But we are all in this together.


We appreciate your support and will be sure to keep you all fully up-to-date.


For more information, refer to this document. 

To learn how Seniors Helping Seniors can support you during this time, refer to this document.


Josh Obeiter,

Executive Director & Owner