Why Caregivers Work for Us

Why Caregivers Work for Us

SHS is a great place to work. The team at SHS provides great support for caregivers from finding the right match to clocking in and out if you forget, or check ins when something unexpected happens, not to mention the wonderful monthly support group. I recommend SHS to anyone who would like to make a difference and be fully supported while doing it.

Nadine K.

I have been working with SHS for almost 4 years now and with the same client too. SHS is a great company to work for because they truly care about you and serving our elderly population. I'd highly recommend SHS to any friend or family who need help caring for a loved one. Happy to be part of SHS family!

Shannon A.

The feeling of giving back, whether by being a companion and just "being there" for a person who may or may not know they need help because of a decline in mental health, loneliness, depression, etc., or other more physical conditions, for a few hours of conversation, a little help around the house, going out for a ride to get some fresh air, for ice cream, shopping, or to a doctor, dentist appointment, a haircut, etc., helps me as much as I hope it helps the person I am there to help, and is very fulfilling.

Lee. J

When I first retired I was full of gratitude to have two good hands and two good feet and my health. Then I thought it would be great if I shared my hands and feet and health with others not so able. Then we’d both be grateful! .. I’ve never looked back! I love the Seniors Helping Seniors flexible hours, dedicated co workers, and my custom matched clients! The best work experience ever!

Darcy. D

After my retirement and moving into the Boston area, I was looking for some activities that would keep me active and involved with people.  Since  I had worked at assisted living locations, I was familiar with senior citizens and knew how important interacting with others is to them.  I heard about Seniors Helping Seniors from an acquaintance and followed up by investigating on the internet.  Their blueprint of using seniors and their commitment to matching caregivers and clients was very appealing.  All the office personnel are very helpful and accommodating and being able to share with them and the other caregivers is so helpful.

Marian S.

Helping others who need your support and friendship will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. You will feel a greater sense of purpose, self worth and contentment knowing that you have something special to offer simply because of who you are.

Rob E.