respite care

Respite Care

respite care

Let us take care of you by providing respite care for your loved one!

The saying “It takes a village” has always resonated with us. It is the “village” mentality that helps us lead socially healthy and productive lives. Caring for an older loved one shouldn’t fall solely on one person, but it often does. There is an increasing amount of individuals in the “sandwich” generation; meaning they are caring for young children and aging parents at the same time. This can be challenging for many individuals and often family members feel spread thinly. This doesn’t just affect adult children of aging parents, but also those who care for a spouse; many of whom are dealing with cognitive and physical issues themselves.

Seniors Helping Seniors recognizes the importance of good self care and are here to provide respite care to families who are feeling stretched to their maximum capacity. It’s difficult to adequately care for someone else if your needs aren’t being met, so it’s important to reach out for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed caring for a loved one.

How can we help?

People often feel guilty about the need to ask for help. While we understand that no one can care for your loved one better than you, we also know that feeling burned out by caring for a loved one can take a toll on your ability to be an effective caregiver. Our caregiving staff are compassionate, engaging, and eager to learn about their clients. We can’t replace your loving care, but we can bring new energy into your loved one’s life and give you some time to focus on good self care!

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