We want to help broaden your loved one's world.

Most of our clients are no longer able to drive, making transportation one of the most requested tasks we are asked to help with. Some people give up driving on their own either through a strong sense of caution or a precipitating event such as a minor accident. Others have been forced to give up driving, which can be a source of great distress. Whatever the reason is that someone is no longer driving, the reality is that for those who are not able to get adequate transportation, their world gets a lot smaller.

Many of us take the ability to drive and access to a car for granted. How often do you realize that you’re out of something in the refrigerator and in turn, get in your car to go to the store and pick it up? Do you ever feel like taking a drive on a whim? People who are no longer able to drive are painfully aware that getting out is much more complicated than it once was and they may be confined to their homes more frequently than they wish. People who are essentially homebound often struggle with depression, anxiety, and lack of adequate physical activity. The use of public transportation often poses a problem for those with physical and/or cognitive issues. Even the use of taxi-style cell phone applications can be difficult for older people to navigate and often do not include assistance getting in and out of the car.

How can we help?

At Seniors Helping Seniors we want to help expand the universe of our clients and help them to get out and do the things they enjoy. We can also just help them cover the basics like errands and doctor’s appointments. Sometimes our clients enjoy the simple act of taking a scenic ride to see foliage or holiday decorations. Our caregivers undergo driving record checks and are all insured. We can help your loved one get in the car and make sure they get to their destination safely. If you’re interesting in receiving transportation services, please contact us to learn more about how our services work.

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